Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

This creamy-skinned beauty opened her petal-soft lips for me today to show she was an ally in the struggle against oppression. As I thrust deep inside her tight white pussy, I knew I had the power to overwhelm her delicate anatomy with my BBC. Her pale face lit up with pleasure that only a brother could give, and I watched mesmerized as my chocolate skin glowed against her. She moaned like a wild boar as I pushed her further than she’d ever gone before. Gollum’s face came to mind as she hungrily sucked on my cock, slurping and licking all over me like a kitten with a bowl of milk. When I finally released my nut all over her face, she shivered beneath me – but not from fear. She gathered my cum in her mouth and swirled it around like a fine wine, then swallowed it down deliciously. I know when she strutted home later that night, she looked just like that little dude from Game Of Thrones!

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Black Payback